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Welcome to British Baby Box

A brand new concept here in the UK and a Finnish tradition dating back to 1938.

We are two mothers who truly believe in this concept and the benefits it can offer, so have launched British Baby Box. We are proud to say that we are the only Baby Box Company in the UK and everything that goes into each beautiful British Baby Box is sourced in Britain.

Along with our partners, we are passionate to help ensure all new families feel a little more prepared by receiving a British Baby Box and the beautiful contents inside.

We hope you love the British Baby Box as much as we love making them!

british baby box

safe & sound

Based on the hugely successful Finnish tradition, the British Baby Box is a comfortable, safe and portable way for a child to sleep and rest.

For 75 years, the Finnish Government have been giving its expectant parents a box containing a starter kit which can be used, most importantly, as a bed. Research suggests it has helped Finland achieve one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates.

bits & box

Your box comes with:

A Lid for storage
1 x Fitted Mattress
1 x Waterproof Mattress Cover
Box Dimensions: L 70cm | W 43cm | H 27cm
Note: Box/Mattress – All materials used in production are non-toxic and environmentally safe.

Our Partners

In addition, British Baby Box are delighted to be working with Molly & Monty clothing. Items from their collection will be hand-picked to include in your box. Molly and Monty have the same work ethics as us, as they too are a British family owned business and focus on providing the best British products and service available.

molly & monty

Molly & Monty design and make gorgeous organic clothes - all here in the UK! They are family owned which means they remain focused on providing the best product and service available. They have worked hard to source suppliers and manufacturers that are based in the UK so are supporting British trade.

Why Choose Organic

We all know that babies’ skins are much more sensitive than our own and therefore it only seems natural to want to dress our babies in fabrics which we know have not been treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

BUT there are many other benefits to buying organic clothes beyond the reassurance that they never came into contact with pesticides.

Organic clothes last longer

Once washed cotton fibre naturally begin to break. This fibre breakage can begin as soon as after the twentieth wash with non-organic cotton. Organic cotton can last up to five times longer than non-organic cotton so won’t begin to break until the hundredth wash.

Better for the environment

Because the clothes have never come into contact with all the nasty chemicals that are normally used in harvesting cotton, less nasty chemicals will have found their way into the ecosystems where the cotton is grown..

Global Organic Textile Standard certified

We ensure that our manufacturers are GOTS certified as we believe strongly in the need for socially responsible, ecological farming. This is better for the environment and the workers tending the land on which our cotton is grown. We feel it has compelling benefits for the end user wearing the finished clothing.

Longer Lasting

Molly & Monty’s clothes are made from 100% organic cotton, they should last five times longer than the equivalent clothes made from non-organic cotton.

Thicker than standard clothes

Molly & Monty’s clothes are made from a thick organic cotton, which means they are 30% thicker than the normal baby clothes you will buy from most non organic suppliers.

No itchy neck labels

None of Molly & Monty’s clothes have labels sewn into the inside neck of the garments as these can often cause irritation through rubbing on very sensitive skins.

Baby friendly inks

All the inks used in printing Molly & Monty’s illustrated bodysuits or logos are water based so are better for the environment and won’t have any irritating effects on your baby’s skin either.

choices choices choices...

Adorable Box

a lid/changing mat facility
1 x fitted mattress
1 x waterproof mattress cover
1 x 100% organic cotton fitted sheet

£ 50

Cherish Box

contents of Adorable Box plus
1 x scratch mitts
1 x beanie
1 x bib
2 x long-sleeve bodysuit
1 x sleepsuit
(Size 0-3 months)

£ 100

Treasure Box

contents of Adorable Box plus
1 x scratch mitts
1 x beanie
1 x bib
2 x long-sleeve bodysuit
2 x sleepsuit
1 x short-sleeve bodysuit
1 x blanket
(0-3 months)

£ 150
Important: A standard delivery charge of £9.99 applies to all UK mainland deliveries. For non-mainland UK or overseas deliveries, please contact for delivery charge before ordering.

keep on moving

Your baby can sleep anywhere in their British Baby Box; upstairs, downstairs, at the grandparents, visiting friends – even on the beach! (With sun protection of course!). The box even has useful handles so your baby can be carried from room to room. When planning to travel just pack the British Baby Box with all your baby’s essentials and go!

british baby box
british baby box

unique little bundle

British Baby Box launches a new design each year, ensuring your box is part of a ‘limited edition’. This years launch design is classic white with a spray of silver stars.

perfectly practical

Portable, versatile and ready to use, your gorgeous British Baby Box arrives fully assembled with a mattress, waterproof mattress cover and a 100% organic cotton fitted sheet. Each box is beautifully presented and is usable from the moment you unwrap it.

Your British Baby Box can be used from birth to 8 months depending on the size of your baby. Then reuse it. Either as a stylish storage box for all your baby’s keep sakes and mementos or as a Baby Box for your next adorable baby. ( Additional mattresses/100% organic cotton fitted sheets can be purchased by contacting )

british baby box changing mat

The lid of the box can be used as a practical and elegant changing facility.

british baby box

british made

Here at British Baby Box we design and supply gorgeous baby boxes produced entirely in Great Britain. Currently the only supplier of British Baby Boxes in the UK, we are extremely proud of our company and have worked hard to find the best quality products for babies, whilst supporting British trade.

a comfortable, safe and portable way for your child to sleep and rest.

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